Sometimes pictures just don't capture the true feeling of a Module Air unit. That is why we loaded this short video for you to get an idea of the size and scope of this machine and what it is capable of.

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Module Air

o_4HeoLthaZtSXbxbz9u_tDIpIguhpKw5Og75ncSxVY.jpg1. Saves you money in time. Here's how...

The Genuine Module Air™ industrial filtration system will pay for itself, here are some key points:

  • Module Air units circulate the air from ceiling to floor continuously
  • 50% of your heating energy is wasted just getting the air to circulate, with Module Air units properly installed your heat is effective as soon as it's produced.
  • Our units keep heat exchange surfaces, such as plenums and radiant tubes clean and efficient
  • Module Air units continuously filter the air, giving your HVAC filters longer life
  • Module Air filters are not proprietary in size!

2. Eliminates exhaust fans that pump heat out.

Why push your heat out when you can keep it in circulating and filtered?

  • Our filtration systems run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week filtering your work environment.
  • Circulates heat throughout your shop, allowing for more comfortable work environment, while preserving heating cost.
  • Cost effective filter replacements.

3. Improve the health of your employees!

A healthy work environment means a more profitable work environment!

  • Employees will breathe fresh, filtered air
  • Provided comfortable working temperatures without increasing heating output!
  • Removed contaminates and harmful particles from the air as it passes the filtration system.

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